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Thailand has a lot of good quality movies, in terms of storylines, cinematography, and the acting of the actors. Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which is productive in releasing various famous movies to foreign countries.


It's time to bring back the smiles, laughter, tears from the s once again with this list of feel-good movies from the recent past that will make everything better. Just mere months into the start of a fresh new decade and we're already all stuck at home waiting out for a pandemic to be over.

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One of the many industries affected by the COVID outbreak is the film industry, especially the coming global attractions the were planned to be released in March and throughout the summer of that have been postponed indefinitely. Movie fans in Thailand have no choice but to switch over to streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube for a makeshift cinema experience at home. But after a few weeks, things can start to get boring and many of us are starting to feel depressed. That's why we invite you to take a trip with us down memory lane and relive all the wonderful moments you've experienced during what we consider the best Thai movies youtube films in Thailand during the s.

Not only will you feel the nostalgia that'll make you smile, but you'll also have a few more critically-acclaimed movies to add your list and pass the time during this lockdown period. Now, without further ado, let's go check out our hand-picked list of the best 10 feel-good Thai films from the s!

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Sorted by the year of release. Kicking things off with a masterpiece from Tai Entertainment is The Iron Ladies, a comedy film directed by famed Thai film director, producer, and screenwriter Youngyooth Thongkonthun released in The movie was made from the true events of a men's volleyball team that was mainly made up of gays and transgenders. If we were looking back 20 years ago, we'd all have to admit that the topic of LBGT was not as well-received as it is today. The Iron Ladies is about the formation of a volleyball them where almost all of the members are either gay or transgender, expect for Chai played by Jesdaporn Pholdeewho remains as the only straight male player from the team.

19 best thai rom-com movies

This comedy film also features moments of drama and romance from the hardship the team must face as members of the LBGT community during that period in Thailand. The movie is considered by many to have changed the initially closed-minded perspective of society towards gay and transgender people to a more accepting one.

After its release, The Iron Ladies had been a triumph. Fan Chan is one of the few Thai movies that achieved a legendary status from its overwhelmingly positive reception upon its release in It was also a debut film by six young screenwriters and directors at the time like Vitcha Gojiew, Songyos Sugmakanan, Nithiwat Tharathorn, Witthaya Thongyooyong, Anusorn Trisirikasem, and Komgrit Triwimol, all of eventually which became leading directors of Thailand.

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The film offers a nostalgic look back into the past on how people used to live and how children used to play. The comedic value added by the group of talented young actors and actresses gives the film its unique charm that stuck with many of us up until today.

Fan chan ()

The film was the top domestic film at the Thailand box office in and earned over million Thai Baht. Taught by his father, Sorn continues to overcome competitors until he secures a place as a musician in the royal palace under the wing of his new teacher. Aside from giving us a glimpse into the beauty of traditional Thai music and instruments, the film also touches upon the political aspect of Thailand during the dictatorship rule of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsonggram, whose government called for the accelerated modernization of Thailand.

As a result, performances of traditional Thai music, dance and theatre were frowned upon. The film is directed by the renowned Jira Maligool who also takes up the producer position for this film. After trying to secure the rights to the Tin Mine series of short stories from Arjin to be adapted in a film for an extended period, Arjin finally grants Jira his long-awaited permission, resulting in the critically-acclaimed film called The Tin Mine we know today.

The movie follows the Thai movies youtube years of Arjin Panjapan after he was retired from his student status from the Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Engineering.

The iron ladies ()

After also breaking up with his girlfriend, Arjin decided to travel south to work at a mining camp in Kapong district of Phang Nga Province from toa period when tin mines were a flourishing business in Thailand. Over the 4 years, Arjin was at the mine, through both good and bad times, he got to learn countless valuable life lessons that no university classes or lectures anywhere can offer.

Seasons Change is a romantic-comedy teen movie from GTH film studio directed by Nithiwat Tharathorn, one of the directors of Fan Chanand co-produced by famed screenwriter and producer Jira Maligool. The story is narrated through the perspective of Pom played by Witawat Singlampongtaking place at the College of Music, Mahidol University.

From the memorable funny moments between the characters to the emotional scenes under the rain, Season Change is still considered until today as one of the best feel-good movies Thailand has ever made. Khan Kluay is an animated film that portrays the unique Thai cultures and traditions within the film, including how children Thai movies youtube in the old days and the backdrop of traditional Thai-style houses.

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The voice cast is also no short of talented individuals with names like Phoori Hiranyapruk, Thai movies youtube Nikluha, as well as National Artists like Juree Ohsiri and Rong Kaomulkadee At the time of release, Khan Klauy garnered nearly million Thai Baht in revenue, exceeding every expectation ly set for animation films. Outside of cinemas, Khan Kluay plushies and keychains were also flying off the shelves in every mall in town. Final Score is a documentary film from GTH studios directed by Soraya Nagasuwan that follows four high school students in their senior year during their preparations for the university entrance exams in It was the first year that Thailand had switched from the Entrance system to the Admission system were to qualify for admission to a university faculty, students must take standardized tests.

Through the perspective of the director, we can see the real-life stories of the boys play out as they take on the exam preparations while having to balance their teenage life and absorbing the pressure and expectations their families have set on them. This film was also a kickstart for Per Suwikrom Amaranon who found himself to be a talent show host. Today, Per had already made quite a name for himself in the Thai entertainment industry.

Dear Galileo follows the story of best friends Noon and Cherry where each had just gone through a tough period of their lives.

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Noon had just broken up with her boyfriend and Cherry was suspended from school for an entire year for forging her teacher's ature. They both decide to take a trip aboard together to England, France, and Italy to find inspiration. Throughout the trip, Noon and Cherry enjoyed countless of good moments but had to endure several tough times as well.

The cast and crew had to spend an entire two months in Europe to complete the filming. The film grossed over 30 million Thai Baht in revenue.

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The film is directed by Adisorn Treseirikasem, one of the directors of Fan Chan The film follows the story of Mei Li, a thirty-year-old woman who had started to feel insecure as she is the last in her group of friends to get married and her relationship with Loong, an engineer working for the BTS Skytrain. Throughout the movie, we get to enjoy the quirkiness of Mei Li and bite our nails as we wait to see how the relationship with Loong will play out.

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Bangkok Traffic Love Story grossed up to The film won countless accolades and awards from multiple organizations, while actress Cris Horwang also sealed her movie star status by winning the Best Actress award from the 19th Thailand National Film Association Awards.

The Happiness of Kati is a film about a family from a Thai movies youtube of the same name written by famed Thai novelist and translator Ngarm Vejjajiva. She received the Southeast Asian Writers S. A Write Award for Thailand in while the film adaption was completed in by film director Genwaii Thongdenok. The film reflects the reality in Thai society where grandparents still play a big role in raising the kids for many families.

Kati has a grandfather who used to be a lawyer and a grandmother who is quite strict and old-fashioned. After watching the film, you might start to recall some memories as of the times you spent with your grandparents or older cousins. The film also portrays the simplicity of the upcountry lifestyle and how happiness can be found in the little things around you. The Happiness of Kati is another feel-good movie that you just can't miss. Follow Raphael Treza over 5 days as he attempts to track down the creator of the ubiquitous drawings, cryptic phrases, and equations on the streets of….

Charge your iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and your gadgets all at once with this futuristic wireless charging hub. We send you the best events, stories and new places straight to your inbox. No spam guaranteed! Home Magazine Lifestyle 10 Feel-Good Thai Movies from the s For Instant Cheer Up It's time to bring back the smiles, laughter, tears from the s once again with this list of feel-good movies from the recent past that will make everything better.

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Posted April 13, Written by Iris Sangsawang. Translated by Kunn Tansuhaj. The Iron Ladies Fan Chan The Overture The Tin Mine Seasons Change Khan Kluay Final Score Dear Galileo Bangkok Traffic Love Story The Happiness of Kati Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Curated Series A selection of our best stories as curated lists. SundayWellSpent 13 Stories.

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In , Thai movies not only pleased audiences at home, but also attained screenings at international festivals in Toronto , Busan , and beyond.


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