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Methamphetamine is much more potent and faster-acting than amphetamine, but both types of drugs involve serious risks. Unfortunately, many teens and young adults take speed in the form of amphetamine pills without a prescription in order to improve their performance in academics, sports, and other areas. Both types of speed are also taken recreationally, often mixed with other drugs.


Amphetamines are drugs.

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They can be legal or illegal. They are legal when they are prescribed by a doctor and used to treat health problems such as obesitynarcolepsyor attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD.

1. cocaine

Using amphetamines can lead to addiction. Amphetamines are illegal when they are used without a prescription to get high or improve performance.

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In this case, they are known as street, or recreational drugs, and using them can lead to addiction. This article describes this aspect of amphetamines. Amphetamines are stimulant drugs. They make the messages between your brain and body move faster. As a result, you are more alert and physically active.

Types of illegal amphetamines

Some people use amphetamines to help them stay awake on the job or to study for a test. Others use them to boost their performance in sports. Amphetamines also cause the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that is involved with mood, thinking, and movement. It is also called the feel-good brain chemical.

Using amphetamines may cause pleasurable effects such as:. People who use these drugs, especially methamphetamine, have a high chance of getting HIV and hepatitis B and C. This can be through sharing used needles with someone who has an infection. Or, it can be through having unsafe sex because drug use can lead to risky behaviors.

Amphetamines can cause birth defects when taken during pregnancy.

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Also, street drugs are not safe during breastfeeding. You usually do not get addicted to prescription amphetamines when you take them at the right dosage to treat your health condition. Addiction happens when you use amphetamines to get high or improve performance.

Addiction means your body and mind are dependent on the drug. You are not able to control your use of it and you need it to get through daily life. Addiction can lead to tolerance. Tolerance means you need more and more of the drug to get the same high feeling.

Amphetamines effects on your brain

And if you try to stop using, your mind and body may have reactions. These are called withdrawal symptoms, and may include:. Treatment begins with recognizing there is a problem. Once you decide you want to do something about your drug use, the next step is to get help and support.

Treatment programs use behavior change techniques through counseling talk therapy.

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The goal is to help you understand your behaviors and why you use amphetamines. Involving family and friends during counseling can help support you and keep you from going back to using relapsing.

Quick info

If you have severe withdrawal symptoms, you may need to stay at a live-in treatment program. There, your health and safety can be monitored as you recover. At this time, there is no medicine that can help reduce the use of amphetamines by blocking their effects. But, scientists are researching such medicines. Call for an appointment with your health care provider if you or someone you know is addicted to amphetamines and needs help to stop using.

Also call if you are having withdrawal symptoms that concern you. Kowalchuk A, Reed BC. Substance use disorders. Textbook of Family Medicine.

Drug street names

Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; chap National Institute on Drug Abuse website. Updated October Accessed June 26, Weiss RD. Drugs of abuse. Goldman-Cecil Medicine. Updated by: Fred K. Substance use - amphetamines. Types of Illegal Amphetamines. There are different kinds of street amphetamines.

Common ones and some of their slang terms are: Amphetamine: goey, louee, speed, uppers, whiz Dextroamphetamine ADHD medicine used illegally : dexies, kiddie-speed, pep pills, uppers; black beauty when combined with amphetamine Methamphetamine crystal solid form : base, crystal, d-meth, fast, glass, ice, meth, speed, whiz, pure, wax Methamphetamine liquid form : leopard's blood, liquid red, ox blood, red speed Illegal amphetamines come in different forms: Pills and capsules Powder and paste Crystal Liquid They can be used in different ways: Swallowed Dabbed onto the gums Inhaled through the nose snorted Injected into a vein shooting up Smoked.

Amphetamines Effects on Your Brain. Using amphetamines may cause pleasurable effects such as: Joy euphoria, or "flash" or "rush" and less inhibition, similar to being drunk Feeling as if your thinking is extremely clear Feeling more in control, self-confident Wanting Street name for speed be with and talk to people more sociable Increased energy How fast you feel the effects of amphetamines depends on how they are used: Smoking or injecting into a vein shooting up : Effects the "rush" start right away and are intense and last a few minutes.

Snorting: Effects the "high" start in 3 to 5 minutes, are less intense than smoking or injecting, and last 15 to 30 minutes. Taken by mouth: Effects "high" start in 15 to 20 minutes and last longer than smoking, injecting, or snorting, depending on how much is taken.

Harmful Effects of Amphetamines. Amphetamines can harm the body in many ways, and lead to: Appetite decrease and weight loss Heart problems such as fast heart rate, irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and heart attack High body temperature and skin flushing Memory loss problems thinking clearly, and stroke Mood and emotional problems such as aggressive or violent behavior, depression, and suicide Ongoing hallucinations and inability to tell what is real Restlessness and tremors Skin sores Sleep problems Tooth decay meth mouth Death People who use these drugs, especially methamphetamine, have a high chance of getting HIV and hepatitis B and C.

Amphetamines can be Addictive. These are called withdrawal symptoms, and may include: Strong craving for the drug Having mood swings that range from feeling depressed to agitated to anxious Feeling tired all day Not able to concentrate Seeing or hearing things that Street name for speed not there hallucinations Physical reactions may include headaches, aches and pains, increased appetite, not sleeping well.

2. crack (a form of cocaine, smokeable)

Treatment Options. Your Ongoing Recovery. As you recover, focus on the following to help prevent relapse: Keep going to your treatment sessions. Find new activities and goals to replace the ones that involved your drug use.

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Spend more time with family and friends you lost touch with while you were using. Consider not seeing friends who are still using. Exercise and eat healthy foods.

Substance use - amphetamines

Taking care of your body helps it heal from the harmful effects of drug use. You will feel better, too. Avoid triggers. These can be people you used drugs with. They can also be places, things, or emotions that can make you want to use again. Resources that may help you on your road to recovery include: The Partnership for Drug-free Kids -- drugfree.

Speed as a street term

When to Call the Doctor. Alternative Names. Substance abuse - amphetamines; Drug abuse - amphetamines; Drug use - amphetamines. Related MedlinePlus Health Topics. Club Drugs Methamphetamine. Browse the Encyclopedia.

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The street names for speed are extremely varied, especially because speed, in certain circles, is used to refer to both powdered methamphetamine and prescription stimulant drugs usually amphetamines which often start out in pill form and are crushed in order to be snorted.


Many people struggling with drug addiction often refer to drugs by their street names.


Treatment Center Locator.


A powerful stimulant that keeps people alert, usually sold as an off-white or pinkish powder — that sometimes look like small crystals.