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One of the most exciting things about learning a foreign language is, in my opinion, its informal, everyday aspect. For those of you who have picked Spanish as your second languagethat motto might prove a little challenging.


Thinking about Spanish names for your baby girl? It makes an ideal option for a little girl who is wise beyond her years. This is the feminine form of Valentine, which is derived from the Roman name Valentinus. A medieval Occitan form of Elizabeth, this name imparts a sense of prestige and confidence.

How do you say "girl" in spanish?

As the version Isabel, it was a common name among Spanish and Portuguese royalty. Several early saints bore this name. This name has Roman origins as Marianus. Some also believe the name was created by combining the names Maria and Ana. A cute diminutive is Marianita. Gabriel is an archangel appearing in both the Old and New Testaments.

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Either spelling could make a unique name for your baby girl. Compound names are very common in Spanish-speaking countries, and this combination is the most popular one for girls. In Greek mythology it was another name for the goddess Hera, who was queen of all the gods as well as goddess of childbirth and marriage.

This could be a very powerful choice for your baby girl. This Spanish female name is a Latinized version of the German name Amala, which could also be a good choice for your baby girl. A popular American actress also bears this name. Why not add your baby girl to this unique list? The feminine form of Antonius, this name has Roman origins. This classic name is the Spanish feminine form of Ferdinand. Leandra pronounced leh-AN-dra sounds delightful and could be just the right choice for your little lioness.

Spanish girls names starting with a

The name is derived from the male Latin name Lucius. This is the female version of the name Narcissus, which is the name of the youth in Greek mythology who stared at his reflection in a lake for too long and was turned into the narcissus flower.

This is the Spanish form of the male name Guiomar, which derives from the German name Wigmar. The name Guiomar also appears in the King Arthur legend. But part of what makes this name pronounced syo-MA-ra unique is that it starts with an X — not many names do that!

This is the Spanish and Catalan form of the name April, which is also the name of a spring month. This short, cute, and pretty name is the Spanish form of Anna. In the Bible, the name appears as Hannah. The variant names Ann and Anne are also very common in the United States.

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You might recognize it from the musical or film based on her life. This is the Spanish equivalent of Francis in English. This is the Spanish form of the male name Julius, which is likely derived from the Roman god Jupiter.

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It might make a cute name for a baby girl who arrives bursting with voice. This is the feminine form of the Spanish male name Luis, which has French and Latin origins.

"baby girl" translation into spanish

A cute diminutive is Luisita. This is the Spanish feminine form of the Latin male names Marcus and Marcius, which were most likely derived from the Roman god of war, Mars. This is the Spanish version of Mia, with the accent mark being the only difference.

The name is also a diminutive for the name Maria. It makes a really cute name for a peaceful baby girl.

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It originates from the Germanic name Roza. The feminine form of the male name Charles, which is derived from the Latin Carolus. This name is the feminine form of the male name Christian. Christina was also the name of a saint, and was the name of a Swedish queen who abdicated her throne and converted to Roman Catholicism. This is the Spanish form of Stephanie, which derives from the male name Stephen, a saint in the New Testament who is considered to be the first Christian martyr.

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As the feminized version of the male Latin name Marcellus or Marcus, name may be linked to the Roman god of war, Mars. This name is either based on the female name Oliva or the male name Oliver. A lover of literature may love this name for a baby girl.

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From the male name Paulino, which is derived from the Latin form of Paul, this was the name of a saint who was a wealthy nobleman before giving it all up for his religion. Raphael also appears in the Bible as an archangel.

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It can also be spelled Reyna. How beautiful and simple is that? If you like the idea of a royal-sounding name, check out more royal baby names fit for a princess. It became a very popular name in the United States in the s and s. The name made a modern resurgence with the diminutive form Lola. This name means glory and was used as a title for the Virgin Mary. The name is also popular in English- and Portuguese-speaking countries.

This Spanish name is derived from the name of a Basque village that has a well-known shrine to the Virgin Mary.

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Sometimes, boys even receive this name as a second name, e. This old-fashioned name is the Spanish form of Theresa, which is found in several languages. It was also the name of a saint. A saint who converted from Islam bore this name. And the name also appears in the Spanish novel Don Quixote. Take a look at our list of international baby names and our top 1, baby girl names for even more great ideas. Unique Spanish Baby Girl Names Behind The Name. Review this article: 0. up NOW.

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This article is part of the series Top 5 Spanish Slang Words Searched on Google where we feature a full list of examples for:.


This article will go through 23 different ways to say beautiful woman in Spanish so you can show your girl how much you love her and how beautiful she is to you.


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