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Smoking cannabis affects every person differently and should not be taken lightly as it alters your senses. The active ingredient in cannabis is THC which gives you that high feeling as it enters your bloodstream through your lungs. Sunny Sativa.


Sitting by the pool at a boutique hotel in Palm Springs on a one-night, mid-August getaway, I struck up a conversation with a guy named Gary. Gary and I talked growing laws in California you can grow up to six mature plants. We talked about how THC-infused edibles are metabolized differently, and I told him about my recent adventures in pot-plant parenthood and how reluctant I was when it came to actually smoking my baby. After chatting for several hours over the course of two sun-drenched days, I felt as if Gary and I were part of the same community of cannabis enthusiasts.

In the before times, I would have responded to this almost magnetic tug in my chest by brandishing some pot — either a pre-rolled t or an already packed pipe — and offering to get us both high.

Young, wild & free

One pre-vaccine time, though, I unexpectedly shared a few puffs of a t with a famous rock star. It left me equal parts angry, frustrated and socially isolated. County D. County Dist. For many members of the toking tribe, discovering another like-minded soul out in the wild, the first impulse is to share.

Does smoking weed really make you lose weight?

Passing a lighted t to another human being — whether puffing poolside in Palm Springs or blazing in your own backyard with a new neighbor — is the kind of secret handshake that makes two strangers fast friends and even the most mundane moments memorable.

I still remember my first social smoking experience — now almost 40 years in the rearview mirror — as clearly as if it were yesterday. During the summer ofI was working — and living — at an inn on top of Mt. In the cramped basement living quarters, flanked by old flags and college dorm tapestries that smelled of Gonesh Incense No. I remember this distinctly because, while the astronaut Major Tom was feeling increasingly isolated in his tin can high above the Earth, I was, for the very first time, finding my people.

Where does this desire to share weed — even with a total stranger — come from?

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Washington, D. We were all breaking the law by smoking and the fact that we were often doing this with strangers provided smokers with a reinforcing sense of community. The practice of sharing the t with others had become an ingrained social custom. Stroup mentioned that because the pandemic has temporarily thrown a monkey wrench into that time-honored custom, he plans ahead. When I visited West Hollywood dispensary Calma for a June feature on local dispensaries worth an in-person So what we smoke weedgeneral manager Mara Stusser said she had noticed an increase in the popularity of smaller pre-rolled ts called dog walkers so nicknamed because they contain about a third the cannabis flower of a standard-issue pre-roll, making them tiny enough to polish off while walking the dog.

When I checked back last month, cannabis consumers seemed to be continuing to adapt. Changing consumer behavior is also reflected in a soon-to-be-published study conducted by the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research at Humboldt State University, according to institute co-director Whitney Ogle. In a survey of so close to ! On a perhaps-related note, the survey also found an increase in on-the-job cannabis consumption.

And, while smoking cannabis flower was still the primary method of consumption, the study points to an increase in the use of oral cannabis such as edibles and tinctures and vape cartridges as well as an increase in the use of low-THC-high-CBD products. But it might help if you use cannabis and then go out to your garden for a little bit or take a walk.

That kind of made things feel back to normal. She likened it — custom-wise, not safety-wise, mind you — to shaking hands. You can drink your high this Fourth of July with these five cannabis-infused drinks.

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A bevy of THC-infused backyard barbecue beverage options abound if you want a social, smoke-free buzz this Fourth of July. On the drive back to L. Consider edibles instead of combustibles. Stock up on alcohol wipes.

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Beyond that, my only other mid-pandemic social consumption experience — and the only one with strangers but for the aforementioned musician came by way of elegant, architectural, low-dose edibles. A virologist answers the coronavirus questions you are too embarrassed to ask. Is it safe to have sex with my partner or with a person I met on Tinder? Can I pick my nose at home?

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Do I need to disinfect my groceries? A virologist answers. Not only did I need to know more, I needed to do the responsible thing and get some virologist-approved recommendations on how to safely — and socially — smoke in the COVID era. Almost immediately, Cannon told me that two of my suggested workarounds in particular — using alcohol wipes and dedicated mouthpieces on ts — were actually dangerous because they would instill a false sense of protection.

Translation of "smoke weed" in russian

I wondered if my embarrassed blushing was as visible on her end of the video call as it was on mine. Which is why she suggests planning ahead and rearranging the outdoor furniture. The idea of one t or pipe or vape pen per person stayed consider buying a dogwalker because it will encourage social distancing and not waste weed. THC-infused edibles stayed on the list because there would be an upside to not irritating the lungs. So here it is. Stay outdoors. Space out comfortable seating. Of course I am. Just not as worried. Senior features writer Adam Tschorn writes about a range of style-centric pop-culture topics for the Los Angeles Times.

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Holding a B. Micah Fluellen is a deer and art director for the Los Angeles Times. He is a Columbus, Ohio, native and graduated from Ohio University, where he studied multimedia de and specialized in journalism while also working as a junior motion deer for WOUB Productions.

Snoop dogg said that willie nelson once out-smoked him.

He has also worked in Washington, D. Jacob Moscovitch is a photo editing intern at the Los Angeles Times. A Southern California native, he recently graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism. The pandemic closed her L. I needed answers. My hunt to find the backstory of the perfect pot pipe. All Sections.

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Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Photography by Jacob Moscovitch. Illustrations by Micah Fluellen.

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However, there are ways to make it no more risky than sharing a meal or hoisting a beer. California L. Pandemic pro tip: If your social sesh with strangers includes pre-rolled ts, make sure everyone has their own. Lifestyle You can drink your high this Fourth of July with these five cannabis-infused drinks.

Lifestyle A virologist answers the coronavirus questions you are too embarrassed to ask.

Your first time smoking weed

Passing a lighted t to another human being is the kind of secret handshake that makes two strangers fast friends. Lifestyle Fashion Cannabis. Adam Tschorn. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook.

Covid took the joy out of social pot-smoking. then i found a way to bring it back

Micah Fluellen. Follow Us instagram facebook. Jacob Moscovitch. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook linkedin.

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More From the Los Angeles Times. Lifestyle The pandemic closed her L. Lifestyle I needed answers.

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In her Netflix documentary, "Gaga: Five Foot Two," Lady Gaga said marijuana helps her manage the chronic pain she experiences from fibromyalgia — a muscular disorder that can lead to pain, fatigue, and mood issues.


But others swear that smoking weed not only makes them eat less, but also causes them to lose weight.


If my parents and other adults in my life can smoke, then I should be able to smoke too.


Washed it the other day, watch how you lean on it Give me some jeans on and roll ts bigger than King Kong's fingers And smoke them hoes down 'till they stingers You a class clown and if I skip for the day I'm with you bitch smokin' grade A.