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SkaDate 7 Online Dating Software 7. Description Disclaimer.


We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. SkaDate has Skadate online dating software consumer rating of 3. Consumers satisfied with SkaDate most frequently mention admin panel. SkaDate ranks 1st among Dating Site Software sites. As stated I would add to the update if things changed.

Since my first review over a year ago the Skadate team has been helpful and responsive. There has been a few additional plugins made by developers. Additionally Skadate also made a few custom modifications which were delivered on time and worked as agreed. As before, I will add to this over time. I had been building my business with skadate software for 3 years - it was ok - you will never do great with their software, but you can do 'OK'.

Then I asked a simple question about why something wasn't working. There support did something with 'Crons' that brought my entire site down. Nothing but a white and some code was left for my steadily growing membership database to be greeted by. I thought they would correct the mistake they made within a few hours.

They didn't. In fact I sent several s requesting they fix whatever they did and get my site that I had invested thousands into and spent 5 years working on - back online. No response.

What reviewers want you to know

My site has been down for 4 weeks now due to a mistake they made that I need them to fix but they won't - maybe they cant, maybe they just don't care? I consider my business at this point over.

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I have attached a screen grab of the 'support' I received. There wasn't any! Their lack of professionalism, ignorance and dumb mistakes will eventually wreck your business. It was a very long and hard way to get any success in my online business when I started it 7 years ago for the first time. I tried out a lot of options offered on the Internet thinking that key for success is just a software.

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But, had no luck. I came with my idea and now I can make millions of people happy. My website is not a dating-related website, but the beauty of Skadate is that they can bring any idea to live! Thank you guys for making our lives easier and allowing me to believe in myself. God Bless you! Skadate is a good solution for beginners but you'll have to make some compromise. You get a whole system that supports pc and mobile.

Skadate dating software

But most functions in mobile are disabled and many 3rd party plugins don't support mobile version. Some elementary things are missing. There are no smileys in core and the only smiley plugin costs 30USD and is not updated to the newest core version. Skadate is a good solution for small dating websites. But if you want to make big business, you must invest money for development and maintenance because most suggestions are ignored by skadate and you have many bugs if you use too much plugins.

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But you need so much 3rd party plugins because the core software is missing so much functionality. And many plugin developers don't support their own plugins. Individual development is expensive and you must invest again for updates.

Skadate in a nutshell

One example is video ing. The core software doesn't support video ing. You can just add videos from video websites like youtube. There is just one 3rd pay plugin for video but it just mp4 videos and has many bugs. You don't get any support by the developer.

A one-stop dating software solutions

Skadate doesn't help you because they are not responsible for 3rd party plugins. But they make for their product with these plugins. Nevertheless the main functions are great and you can start with skadate your own business. The biggest advantage of skadate is the open source.

So you can customize your website at all but you must a be an expert or you should have money to hire experts. I would give more stars for skadate if they were able to realize suggestions and understood, that basics functions are not enough for a successful business. And thez need a better system for plugin development a support. Hi Murat. Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot add every single thing our customers want Skadate online dating software the solutions we offer.

There are thousands of customers, all with a unique vision, concepts, and ideas. Adding every requested feature to the base platform would result in a bloated software product, which would be hard to customize and update. In fact, we already tried working in this way with SkaDate versions. Such an approach was not beneficial to us or our clients. That is why we have created a system, where the base platform can be expanded with native and third-party plugins.

Skadate online dating script

In addition, we are continuously working on our software and apps, and things like Video Chat and other similar options receive overhauls and improvements with each new software version. Since the original review support has increased.

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The site has been stable for a period of time and Skadate has been generally responsive to issue submissions. We will continue to monitor and provide feedback in a couple months.

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If support continues as it has in the past few months, we may update the of stars originally provided. There is a of items still to address, however, as stated their response has greatly improved since issuing the original review.

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In the beginning all seemed fine. Great sales process, addon seemed great, and there is lots of them. Although lately their hosting server has been down many times, and many time the server runs very slow, or your see an message he server is out of resources. They suggested I get a real hosting package, so I did. They stated they would move the site for free due to all the troubles. Today is the third day my site is offline. Like they no longer care. I'm so sad and angry and do not have the know how to fix it.

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I've spent thousands getting trademarks, hosting, software, and marketing. I fell as though I'm losing everything invested due all the down time experienced with Skadate. Super sad customer. Hate to move software vendors, but am not sure what other options there is. I bought the skadate software with very little knowledge of how to manage, and it set up. The staff without any hesitation assisted me throughout the process, answered my question and even after my support has expired they continue to provide a helping hand with the issues I encounter.

Very friendly staff, excellent customer service and tends to all the queries. Great job and thumbs up to you. Great service, I searched for months and found that skadate had everything all in one package.

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Of course you need to upgrade if you need more products but I'm highly satisfied. This script is pretty complicated, I like scripts that are more simple to modify and free. Hello Kevin! We've released a couple of updates since you left your comments, and the admin area for SkaDate now looks like WordPress, so it's much easier to handle everything now.

I have been ramping up my site in which I purchased the template from skadate. I have been working with a project manager, Margareth, through this process thus far and I cant say enough good things about the support I've received and how user friendly the set-up part is for a non techy like myself.

It's unique as it's not a "dating site" per say, however they have been great during this transition and getting me everything I've needed thus far.

Product details

Let's hope this momentum and support keeps up! Thank you Margareth! Tip for consumers: Be patient and use the resources they offer. We really regret we were not able to resolve this situation amicably in a timely manner.

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Skadate is one of the better online dating scripts available in the market.


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SkaDate is a software for the creation of professional online dating websites.


SkaDate Dating Software is an open-source-based social networking and dating software for the creation of online communities and online dating websites.