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Toccopola is a town in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, with a population of According to the most recent estimates from the U. Census Bureau, Nationally, some Census respondents are also asked to report ancestry.


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Category: Events. Mississippi was the first state in the nation to grant married women the right to hold property in their own names. These events and the laws that resulted have been virtually overlooked by historians — possibly because the circumstances surrounding the reform were, and continue to be, a mystery. As early asMaine granted property ownership rights to women deserted by their husbands, and Massachusetts followed with a similar law in When a woman married, her property was placed under the absolute control of her husband.

Many women, especially daughters of large plantation owners, lost all of their property and thus financial security when their husbands fell on hard times. It came into our possession so long after we were married, and it was spent for debts already contracted. Thus, Mrs. It was long after the Civil War that South Carolina granted property rights to women. In the s, Mississippi was experiencing rapid growth and radical change. Until this time the river counties controlled politics in state government, but with the advent of the Jacksonian Democracy in the late s and the opening of new lands through the Indian Cessions of,andlife began to take on a different tone.

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Jacksonian Democracy flourished as the masses of immigrants poured into the state and populated the newly acquired Indian lands. Joseph G. The country was just settling up. Marvellous s had gone forth of the fertility of its virgin lands; and the productions of the soil were commanding a price remunerating to slave labor as it had never been remunerated before.

Emigrants came flocking in from all quarters of the Union, especially from the slave holding states. The new country seemed to be a reservoir, and every road leading to a vagrant stream of enterprise and adventure. Money, or what passed for money, was the only cheap thing to be had.

Every crossroad and every avocation presented an opening, through which a fortune was seen by the adventurer in near perspective. Credit was a thing of course.

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To refuse it — if the thing was ever done — were an insult for which a bowie-knife were not a too summary or exemplary a means of redress. The state banks were issuing their bills by the sheet, like a patent steam printing press its issues; and no other showing was asked for of the applicant for the loan than an authentication of his great distress for money.

Finance even in its most exclusive quarter, had thus already got, in this wonderful revolution, to work upon the principles of the charity hospital. If an overseer grew tired of supervising a plantation and felt a call to the mercantile life, even if he omitted the compendious method of buying out a merchant wholesale, stock, house and good will, and laying down, at once, his bull-whip for the yardstick — all he had to do was to go on to New York, and present himself in Pearl Street with a letter avouching his citizenship, and a clean shirt, and he was regularly given a through ticket to speedy bankruptcy.

Under this stimulating process, prices rose like smoke. Lots in obscure villages were held at city prices; lands, bought at the minimum cost of government, were sold at from thirty to forty dollars per acre and considerd dirt cheap at that.

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Banks, chartered on a specie basis, did a very flourishing business on the promissory notes of the individual stockholders ingeniously substituted in lieu of cash. They issued ten for one, the one being fictitious. They generously loaned all the directors could not use themselves, and were not choice whether Bardolph was the endorser for Falstaff, or Falstaff borrowed on his own proper credit, or the funds advanced him by Shallow.

The stampede towards the golden temple became general; the delusion prevailed far and wide that this thing was not a burlesque on commerce and finance … The condition of society may be imagined; — vulgarity — ignorance — fussy — and arrogant pretention — unmitigated rowdyism — bullying insolence, if they did not rule the hour, seemed to wield unchecked dominion.

The workings of these choice spirits were patent upon the fact of society; and the modest, unobtrusive, retiring men of worth and character for there were many, perhaps a large majority of such were almost lost sight of in the hurly-burly of those strange and shifting scenes.

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As the ability of get-rich-quick schemes increased, so did the possibility to fail increase. Many speculative landowners found themselves ruined when, inspecie payments were required of receivers of public money. Payment of public lands and the Distributive Act ofwhich provided that each state receive a share proportional to its representation in Congress, proved to be a drain on the Mississippi banks. The banks thus had to call in loans to make the transfer of funds to the state government; land owners, whose financing was mostly on paper, were forced into bankruptcy.

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The lives of two Mississippi women intertwined into all of this turmoil. They were very different from each other, but both had the same goal in mind: to preserve what was rightfully their own. Their husbands also had a stake in the proceedings, but one would assume that both spouses were concerned with protection of their t property.

Who were these women and what personal interest did they have in seeking protection for their property? Did they want control of the estates left to them by their fathers? Did they want the revenue from the businesses they operated, hand in hand with their husbands?

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Were they feminists, influenced by Jackso-nian Democracy and the writings of the Grimke Sisters and other feminists in the North? Or possibly, was this all a strategy on the part of each husband to protect his property from confiscation for debts? The first of these women to counter the English common law was Betsy Love Allen. She was the daughter of one of the Colberts, a half-breed Chickasaw chief. Upon his death, Colbert had left his daughter a very wealthy woman, in possession of many slaves and land.

Toccopola, mississippi population and demographics

Betsy Allen was the wife of James Allen, a white man. He and his wife operated a trading post on the Natchez Trace. Betsy Love married John Allen beforeaccording to the tribal customs and laws of the Chickasaw tribe.

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In January,the laws of the State of Mississippi were extended over the Indians. The legislature stated at time of the passage of these laws that all marriages and matrimonial connections entered into by virtue of any custom or usage of the Indians, and by them deemed valid, shall be held as valid and obligatory as if the same had been solemnized by the laws of the State of Mississippi. It remained to her separate use and subject alone to her disposition and constraint. She was perfectly independent of the husband, so far as regards the obligation of contracts and the acquisition and rights of property.

On November 14, Betsy Allen deeded the slave Toney, who had been left to her by her father, over to her infant daughter Susan.

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In August,John Allen became indebted to a Mr. The deed of gift was recorded in Monroe County on November 2, Allen later defaulted and Fisher sued him for the slave Toney. Sharkey, who ruled in favor of the Indian woman, Betsy Love Allen, who was allowed to retain control of the property left her by her father.

The terms of the marriage contract between Allen and Betsy Love, as modified by the customs of the Chickasaws, conferred no right on him to the separate property of his wife. Also, no just construction could be given to the act by the customs of the Chickasaws, conferred no right on him to the separate property of his wife. Also, no just construction could be given to the act validating their marriage, which would alter their condition or extend the marital rights on the husband.

Such a construction would be in conflict with the constitution and would work a divestiture of her rights.

As the court ruled in favor of Betsy Allen, the second question as to the validity of the gift to Susan Allen was moot. Betsy Allen died the same year the court decision was handed down.

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It is believed that her remains were removed from the old Indian Burial Ground that had become a pasture in the early s and ceremoniously re-interred in a new grave on the campus of the Toccopola High School at Toccopola, Mississippi. It is said that a piece of concrete from an old sidewalk marks the grave of Betsy Allen.

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Colonel Hadley and his wife Piety owned and operated a boarding house in Jackson, approximately two blocks from the newly constructed State Capitol. Out of this the need for and popularity of boarding houses grew. Although the new Capitol was still unfinished inthe legislature moved in and held its first session in the new building. Jackson was now a hustling, bustling city that had grown from six families in the s to approximately residents in Because of lack of documented evidence from this period, one can only imagine the excitement generated and the content of the conversations that occurred around Mrs.

She served three meals a day to the influential gentlemen, but tradition has it that during the legislative session she would suggest to these gentlemen bills that she was interested in having passed. It is said that, if they refused to agree, she would serve short rations and traditional hash and give no comfort until they came around to her way of thinking. Hadley began to lobby for the rights of married women to retain control of their property, left to them or earned by them.

An examination of Mrs. Smith had also formed a military unit from his own kin — nephews, uncles, brothers and sons — and fought with Jackson at Horseshoe Bend. Major Smith became a leader in politics and an important figure in the new frontier of Mississippi. Eventually he would have a Mississippi county dedicated to him and named for him. His children Single women in Toccopola Mississippi eleven, Piety being the seventh. She had an older sister, Obedience, who married Hiram G. Runnels the year after their move from Kentucky. Runnels, a prominent state leader at the time, would later be elected governor of Mississippi.

The mississippi married women’s property act of

Hadley in Hinds County, Mississippi. From all indications, Colonel Hadley was a successful businessman and politician; but some newspaper articles lead one to believe that at times he was experiencing difficulty in his public and private life, any of which could have led to his interest in protection of his property.

In this same term of the legislature, Henry Stuart Foote, in a grand oration to the House of Representatives, stated that the firm of Messrs. Richter, Hadley, Davis and Company was in collusion with the Mississippi Union Bank in misuse of bank funds to finance this cotton agency.

Runnels reed his post as governor one month early and immediately accepted the position as president of the newly formed Mississippi Union Bank. Were Runnels and Hadley involved in dubious dealings? Was Mr. Hadley using his political clout to feather his own nest? Thomas Hadley was evidently experiencing financial difficulties of some sort. Hadley and Samuel M. Puckett, his security.

The auditor of public s was authorized to release them from payment of these notes. Runnels, had to borrow money in his own name for the completion. Thomas Hadley was also in trouble with members of his political party. They are therefore nullifiers by name, but federalists in practice.

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