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Real men with hearts of gold come in all shapes and colors and should be treasured wherever you find them — and there are plenty of legitimately nice guys in the world. But sadly there are a few self-proclaimed woman-saviors that end up ruining the fun for everyone. So he taped up a letter all over town detailing all his concerns.


Podcaster Case Kenny writes:. A fake nice guy will avoid conflict because they know things will come crumbling down.

Nice guys feel entitled to certain treatment

A fake facade falls apart when genuine honesty is required. Kristina Marusic writes:. If he gave you a back rub last night, the next day he expects you to treat him extra well.

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He deserves it for treating you so well, apparently. A cheating husband might gaslight his wife and accuse her of having emotional problems or being toxic, for example. To cover up for his own guilt he will go on the offensive against her, trying to get her to question her own perceptions and judgments and worry if something is wrong with her.

These people have been in the game for a long time and know-how to tackle someone who gets their hopes up.

Is he actually a nice guy or is he a human dumpster fire in disguise?

Does he really want to get back with you or is he just choosing you temporarily and using you for sex or company? Social psychologist Theresa DiDonato writes:.

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While most people who initiate ghosting do so as a permanent, if indirect, relationship disengagement strategy, others use ghosting just to temporarily disappear and perhaps return later. Psychology professor Calli Tzani-Pepelasi notes:.

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Similarly, it seems psychopaths are often aware of the wrongfulness in their negative behaviour, but act in that way in any case due to their lack of self-control. He tracks every little detail and brings it up at the strangest moments, sometimes in controlling ways. But this can quickly become a kind of obligation that weighs you down and makes you feel trapped and starved of oxygen. Clay Andrews observes:.

Women reveal the s that the self-proclaimed nice guy is actually being toxic

He may turn on the full charm for you, but observing his behavior honestly throws up all sorts of red flags when you pay attention. Read dating coach James Sama on this :.

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Often you feel a strong attraction and this takes precedence, pushing down reservations and weird feelings you also have about the guy. As counsellor and abuse survivor Annie Kaszina notes :.

He assures you your past won’t repeat itself

This guy is bad news. So what did you do? You ignored that feeling. Sometimes it can be very hard to tell the difference between a fake nice guy and a real one.

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Some fake nice guys are just douchebags, players, emotional narcissists, or even simply immature. As Lindsay Dodgson writes herepsychopaths are often very skilled at hiding in plain sight. A nice guy always has flaws.

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A fake nice guy will be like a glossy magazine cover: appealing on the surface with nice words, but full of pushy advertisements and bullshit underneath. He might even plot against you. The early feedback has been incredible, but our channel is still so small…. We would love to get your help by subscribing to the channel below.

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Looks can be deceiving. Maybe he really has been treated like dirt and left for dead with his heart ripped out. Or twice.

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But five times, six times, seven? His charm, kind acts, and romantic gestures are all money in the bank for him. Hard pass.

12 s of a nice guy to prove, he is genuinely a ‘good man’

He wants you on his roster, but just as a fallback choice. Benching is humiliating and harmful to your self-esteem and relationship future. When a guy zombies you, he will ghost you only to reappear.

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When you are in crisis or need help, how does he act emotionally? I get that frustration. But a fake nice guy cares just a little too much. He keeps tabs on you and wants to know where you are all the time supposedly for your own good. A truly nice guy sticks up to his boundaries and never enables the shitty behavior of others.

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Pay attention to his friend circle: it will tell you a lot. This pushy happiness is not a good thing. But those people are always passive-aggressive.

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Other fake nice guys are deeply disturbed sociopaths, psychopaths, perverts, and abusers. One of the ways they often get an innocent victim to fall for them is through love bombing. Learning to tell the difference is crucial: it could save your relationship life. Like us on Facebook to receive useful articles in your feed. The early feedback has been incredible, but our channel is still so small… We would love to get your help by subscribing to the channel below. Subscribe below! Did you like my article?

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After going through Dr.


Want to know the most common traits of a nice guy?


In order to make sure you never spend more time than you have to with one of these unsavory characters, this list is going to help you take note of the creepy things Nice Guys do and some particular Nice Guys to avoid.