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If I had known then that the small wristband they handed me would be the only thing I would be wearing for the next few hours, I may have reconsidered. I felt instantly overdressed as I walked through the doors and into that Bio Dome sized world of palm trees, Jacuzzis, and hundreds of stark naked Germans strutting proudly around the loungers and swimming to and from the bar in the center of the lagoon-style pool. I had moved to Germany earlier that year, and, as a newbie in the country, I had planned to start small Nude sauna munich my first nude spa experience, wearing my bikini around the pools and then switching to a only a towel as I made my way through the sauna circuit. Instead, I let the rush of adrenaline take over as I let my robe fall to the floor, and I dipped carefree into the warm waters with nothing more than a wristband touching my skin. German spas may sound like havens for hedonism, and at times they are, but for the most part they simply act as a place for friends or couples to soak in the thermal waters, heat up in the sauna, and relax with a liberating libation in their bare hands.


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Started by louise-tt14 May Posted 14 May OK, I am an ami so have it drilled into me that nudity in public is bad. I really want to start swimming to lose some weight and I would like to enjoy the sauna afterwards. I am not a thin person, I am 85 kilo and terrified of going into the sauna naked. I really want to become more comfortable with my body and the nudeness here, but it must be a slow process.

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Is there a particular sauna that is better to start out at to get used to it? I live 2 min from Nordbad. Is there a specific day and tme of day that is also better - maybe a day when all women or less crowded? Is there any info in English about the pools and saunas here. Can someone post their tips for newbies to the sauna as well - would be very helpful for those who are too embarrassed to ask like I used to be - at least now, I can ask - guess is a step towards that comfortability I am looking for.

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Do you take your own towel or do they provide and if they provide, are they tiny or will they actually wrap around you? First renounce your citizenship.

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We don't want you anymore. Than either change your body shape to something that you feel comfortable walking around nude in, or change your attitude to liking your body for what it is.

The german nude sauna

Of all of these, I think renouncing your citizenship wil be the easiest. Will do one day, when am here long enough to get German citizenship. Is exactly why I want to start going swimming. I am not complaining here, I am working towards feeling better about myself - so thanks for the support! But after being to a nudist beach in Brighton and nude sunbathing area in London, I have no problems about doing it now.

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I depends on how tall you are, but you do not sound that big Probably you are self-conscious and maybe people will not even notice I have seen HUGE women going swimming or in saunas but nobody bats much of an eyelid Anyway, you don't know these people, so why care?

Just go and enjoy yourself! Half is nudist, half not so if you bottle out, you can go to the other half. There are a great deal of different saunas, an outside warm pool, inside pool with cocktail bar and seats in the pool, sunbathing areas, eating areas.

Some of the saunas are wooden huts with real fires and are fabulous. Maybe if you do a search on TT, you may find some info But I would say that is something for spa experts. They have over 13 different spas including one with roses and some are colder, some are really hot.

But still it is an amazing experience to go there. On the other Nude sauna munich it is really huge and sometimes whole soccer teams go there after the training. But basically I think you can go to every spa here. It was built years ago and is really pretty. Usually people in Germany go to the spas to relax.

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They are only interested in their own wellness and not in other peoples bodys except perhaps the guys who just played soccer. Definetly take your own towel or even two towels one inside the spa, the other one after taking a shower. What is really important to take a shower before you go into the spa. A lot of times people seem to forget that. I don't know about you, but also being a prudish American, I also had reservations about being nude in public.

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We have this programmed into us at birth. But it's the wrong programming! It was uncomfortable at first. I try to go once a week if possible. So, haqve some courage and just do it. Take a close friend who you feel comfortable with- and do it more than just once - After the 2nd or 3rd time, you won't even think twice about it. I second DS. Therme Erding or the one in Bad Woerishofen are good Just remember, giggling and pointing at fellow sauna-users is not mature behaviour. As was pointed out, people really do not take much notice of others and usually focus on relaxing themselves Once you start going, you will see Even the smaller saunas are not cheap and so I think it is worth paying a little more for more variety Can anyone confirm this?

Visiting a german naked sauna

See also this thread. Therme Erding. My husband goes to the sauna all the time and loves it. He is always wanting me to go but I won't go. I've asked him a lot about it because he wants me to go with him.

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So here is what he has told me. There are people there with all kinds of body types They will look at you weird if you wear a swimsuit or a towel Yes, there are places in the city where you can go Sauna with just women. Westbad has certain days with hours where there is just sauna for women I think, you just have to go ask them at the pool near you.

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Posted 16 May I have been attending quite many Municipal saunas in Munich as well as the famous "Therme Erding". Of course, as I am a male, I can't comment on the lady's days, but in general here are my recommendations about Saunas in Munich:.

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Slippers are recommended, but typically you have to leave them outside of the Sauna look around, and you will see many of them. Typically people lay down the towel, half on a higher bench and half on a lower one, so that they can sit on the upper part and the feet will stay on the lower part. Obviously in this way you don't have anything else to cover yourself. Note: once I had only a very small towel and did manage to put my feet on it, and after 10 seconds somebody started to complain with me, so it is likely that if you don't do it they will ask you to do it.

You will see people of all sorts, ages, weights and so on, so no panic here.

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I could immagine that for a woman this is also connected to the amount of strange people staring at you. On the other side you have Erding, which is definitely more expensive but it also offers many opportunities and options. In general I like to spend a whole day in Erding. If I just want to take a quick Sauna and relax for a couple of hours, I head to Westbad. In the middle you have the other baths Like Dantebad, for example which have a separate Sauna area and are more expensive than Westbad with the corresponding improvement in People and facilities.

The price for one is 3,60 Euro, which includes a large towel and a blanket, should you choose to take a nap there.

An aufguss in a german sauna

I usually get one, since I'm treating myself anyway. It's nice to have a place with a lock where you can go to get away from everyone else in your up to four hour visit, especially if you're not used to being naked around other people. I love the ambience at the Volksbad and don't think anyone should be put off by a little thing like the changing rooms. Posted 19 May Monday is ladies day at the sauna area.

What is a german bath (german spa)

Posted 20 May Spent a relaxing afternoon at the Volksbad yesterday. It was about 12 Euros, and you can access the swimming pools as well. It is a stunning building and and sauna area is lovely.

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Stuart Forster bares all about the experience of going naked at a sauna in Germany and recommends some of his favourite German saunas.


It's not the nudity that shocks visitors to Europe's largest thermal spa.


In general, the spas in Germany are large complexes divided in two parts.


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