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  • My age:
  • 61
  • My sexual preference:
  • Male
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • White hair
  • Languages:
  • English
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  • My favourite music electronic
  • I have piercing:
  • Eyebrow piercing


Why have women failed to achieve parity with men in the workplace? Meta-analyses of published studies show that those ideas are myths—men and women actually have similar inclinations, attitudes, and skills. What does differ is the way they are treated on the job: Women have less access to vital information, get less feedback from supervisors, and face other obstacles to advancement. To ensure gender equity, the authors recommend that managers: 1 question the stereotypes behind their practices; 2 consider other factors that might explain the achievement gap; 3 change workplace conditions accordingly; and 4 keep challenging assumptions and sharing learning so as to create a culture in which all employees can reach their full potential. According to numerous meta-analyses of published research, men and women are actually very similar with respect to key attributes such as confidence, appetite for risk, and negotiating skill.


In this extract from her Griffith Review essay the author wrestles with ageing and the deep need to keep writing. W hy did they ask me for an essay about stopping writing?

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And why did I say yes? Have I stopped? Other days, nothing hurts at all. I like it very much.

What most people get wrong about men and women

My job is to guard the chooks and the vegetable garden. Somebody might break into the house. Junkies from the flats might climb the back fence and steal the bikes. A northerly might get up and tear the nets off the fruit trees. I have to stay home. The essay. I open the laptop at the kitchen table. Nothing happens. I chew some sugarless gum and spit it into a torn envelope. I turn on the radio.

I’m bisexual – but worry i'm not as attracted to men as i am to women

Five years. Four and a bit. At that moment the bloke with the mower and the whipper-snipper charges through the back gate. Cheerfully he puts on his headphones and sets up his tremendous roar. These days, when in the circumstances I am not getting much done, well-wishers think to comfort one by instancing what one has done already. This is no reassurance. One is arraigned before it and current work or lack of it judged. Years, even. But you published that one, that one about the, sorry, I forget its name, the dam one?

The murder trial?

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Have you been at the court? I heard you say that in an interview!

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Or was it in a magazine? L ast year my ears started to pack up. If someone in conversation made a gesture that covered her mouth I would slap her hand away. In court I leaned forward, turned my head this way and that, strained in vain.

I am not a woman in science. i am a scientist.

I went to an audiologist. They cost an arm and a leg. In court they were no help at all.

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Too much ambient noise. The cop in front of me scratched his neck and I thought someone was sawing wood. Water gushed into a glass in a gurgling torrent. I spent a couple more days in the county and magistrates courts, striving and failing to follow, and emerged from that spectacle of weakness and woe with a broken heart and no story.

Nail clipper x 1. It was the receipt from security at Broadmeadows magistrates court.

Helen garner: 'i may be an old woman, but i'm not done for yet'

My confiscated items must still be out there at Broadie, in a locker or a drawer. Y ears ago, in one of those moments of self-hatred that can overcome a woman whose marriage is about to blow up in her face, I asked the man in my life if he thought I was lazy. For 40 years, between books, I wrote freelance journalism. I always had a deadline hanging over me and I loved it: it fed my anxiety, my driven nature.

But the years went by, and I grew older. I became a hands-on grandmother. The work I had done began to amount to something. I had a backlist in print. I won a couple of generous awards. Money came to me from people who had died — my parents, and a woman who was a silent benefactor to me and to certain other artists of this country. The tight link between work and money loosened, and fell away.

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I can open my mouth, and take a breath, and say no. My father? And if that deadline is removed, or so you think, everything will fracture, or go saggy and shapeless. How will I pass the day? Why will I get up in the morning?

What’s really holding women back?

And what about the things that are swarming all around at me at every moment? Back then I never thought of it as publishable work. In fact I never thought of it as work at all. But mostly I wrote it for the hell of it, because I really love writing. I mean, I love a pen and paper.

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I love words and sentences, and the way you can knit them together and shift them around and pile them up and spread them out. But the force that draws a writer to one story rather than another does not tap politely at the front door.

You have to believe, against the scornful trumpeting of your intellect, in the miraculous ability of form to create itself out of chaos. Having already gone through this process countless times does not help. The anxiety, the self-reproach are always total, unremitting, inescapable. You have to submit to it, allow yourself to suffer it, right to the end. How melodramatic it sounds. Almost laughable. But every writer I know would recognise that description, and shudder.

I’m bisexual – but worry i'm not as attracted to men as i am to women

So perhaps, after all, it would be a relief if it never came to me again, that sharp little secret arrow. Do I really miss it, or am I glad to be spared? Will I be spared? Helen Garner. Helen Garner: 'I may be an old woman, but I'm not done for yet'.

Gender dysphoria

Fri 8 May I am an old woman. Reuse this content.

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These findings are based on a survey conducted Oct.


What does it mean to you, being a female scientist?


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Kathleen Stock is affiliated with A Woman's Place UK in that she has spoken at one of their events, and will do so again.