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The guide below suggests 8 steps you can take to make a player fall in love with you.


Are you into a guy whose ego is so big it cannot fit into one relationship? You are aware that he is a player but you still want to be with him.

How to make a player fall in love with you (and only you) 💖

If so, proceed with caution. You are most probably dealing with a player, an apex predator of the dating game.

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I know this is a flaw for us women — when we love, we do so unconditionally. This makes dealing with a player tricky. So, how can you turn a player into a devoted sweetheart?

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Is such a thing even possible? Figuring this out is how you get him to lose interest in other women. Players are like dogs chasing cars when it comes to women. At his default state, one woman is simply not enough for him. In fact, there is a big chance he believes he is supposed to be a womanizer.

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Yes, that sounds absurd, but players are a different breed of men. You have to step up your dating game. Of course, there are reasons for his behavior.

How to get a player to fall for you. beat him at his own game

If you play it rightyou are set for a touchdown. You will win his heart. Keep reading and you will discover efficient tactics on how to get a player to fall for you. A player will only fall head over heels for you if you avoid getting too involved in the process of his seduction. As I said, players are apex predators. Being eager to please is the fastest way to lose his attention.

How to make a player fall in love with you in 8 simple ways

Let him question whether you are truly interested. You are not just another star in his hall of fame. He will realize you are a whole galaxy of stars. Let me let you in on a secret. Strong relationships are a game of give and take. Dating a player is not any different.

How to make a player fall in love with you

Every dress is your self-portrait. Wear something that will make him believe the word she starts with shhh for a reason because God created a woman with a sensual whisper. Be sexy, but not sluttyas showing off too much le to getting too little. Go for clothes that complement your figure. It is no secret that players are infatuated with attractive women. Take advantage of this using your fashion sense. Be bold with your clothes and I guarantee that you will rock his world. Men are visual creatures; the player you are into is no different.

If you play your cards right, your fashion sense will have him making excuses just to meet up and hang out with you. Lastly, if a player likes your style, then he will want to be seen more in public with you. This means you will get to spend time together having fun and getting to know each other.

12 simple tips to play a player: make him chase you & fall in love

Most players are addicted to mystery. Think about it. A player will lose interest if he thinks you are an open book.

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So how can you cultivate an aura of mystery around you? How do you keep him guessing and coming back for more? Not knowing what you think and how you feel is a great aphrodisiac. This is how to make a player fall in love with you. I know, this sounds hard and counterproductive.

Make sure that the priorities come first. Constantly keeping him on his toes will only make him cherish your company even more. The best part? Not only are you safe from being used, but you will also keep him interested in you. Being available round the clock will kill your chances of winning his heart. Going on the offensive is the only way to beat a player at their own game. You have your own life to live so focus on your job, your hobbies, and your friends. Look at it this way. As long as you keep improving yourself, you will remain valuable in his eyes.

Players cannot stand monotonous routines. So, how can you realize your own unique version of independence? For starters, take care of your appearance by regularly exercising and eating healthy. Next, set ambitious goals for yourself. Let him be i mpressed by the diversity of your interests and personality traits. Rock his world!

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All players are like astronauts — they need their space this includes emotional space. Do not make jealous scenes as those are going to push him away.

How to make a player fall in love with you

Another thing to avoid is being clingy. A player is used to his freedom and independence. Do not set ultimatums and make demands as well. It is not a pretty good idea. He will quickly become distant once he suspects that you are out to control him. Change for a player mostly comes from within and giving him his space will do the trick. It is also important to keep in mind that knowing to hold off on sex is knowing how to make a womanizer fall for you.

Sleeping with a player on a first date would show him you are just another easy target. Generally, letting your emotions get the best of you is not a good idea. The bed is the only place where you should not control your emotions.

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Take all those affectations you have been hiding in public and turn them into fireworks in the bedroom. Be uninhibited.

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Otherwise, he will be bored in no time. Keep in mind that a player has a wealth of sexual experience. This means he will have expectations. Confidence in the bedroom will go a long way. Show him that you are willing to take the initiative.

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