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They are a class of their own with their flaming top. However, there are not that many of them the world over.


Ginger is undoubtedly the hardest character to romance when playing My Time at Portia.

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Ginger barely gives any points even for gifts she loves and can be hard to find at the beginning Ginger dating tips the game. She is allergic to the sun, so she stays in the mayor's house until it is dark out. She doesn't go to the restaurant like most NPCs and likes to take slow walks to the river. She also won't post any commissions on the board and to marry her, you have to be later in the game. One thing to note is that if you want to marry Ginger, you must do it before year five. If you want to marry Ginger, though, there are a few things you can do to make the process less painful.

Below are ten tips to romance Ginger. Updated on January 29, by Jessica Thomas: My Time in Portia is a game that offers tons of romance options to players. Now that the game has an upcoming sequel titled My Time in Sandrock, players can't help but want to play the game that started it all.

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Ginger is one of the most popular and hardest options in the game to romance, especially since there is a time limit on marrying her. Players who wish to sweep Ginger off her feet will need to start working towards getting to know her and her family from day one. The tips below will help players to overcome the obstacles of dating Ginger in order to marry her before year five. Since Ginger was such a difficult character, the developers actually added in a Ginger dating tips for players to gain extra friendship points.

There are three points in the game that you can talk to Ginger afterward to earn a bonus of twenty friendship points. The first twenty can be earned when you visit the Collapsed Wastleland and the second twenty is earned after completing the Amber Island quest. The third and final twenty points will be available once you complete the Poisoned Water quest.

1. they’re extremely rare

As of now, no other adventures will earn you any points. One of the best things you can do for any NPC you want to romance is to be sure to remember their birthday. In Ginger's case, this can be just the friendship boost you need to reach the next heart level. Keep in mind that even on her birthday, she will still give a low amount of points compared to other players. The maximum amount of points you can earn is twelve if you manage to find one of her rare loves.

Ginger's rare loves include both the Goddess Statue and Owl Clock, which can be assembled from artifacts in the ruins. While desires are randomly chosen, even Ginger can ask you for extra gifts every once in a while.

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Unlike most other characters though, she will only ask for one item, a Butterfly Hairpin. This is an item that cannot be made and must be purchased using badge points at the in-game restaurant. It costs points that must be earned by playing the mini-games inside of the shop.

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Rarely, you may also receive one from doing high-rank commissions, but the odds are slim, meaning you will need to play a lot of games. One of the fastest ways to Ginger's heart is by becoming close with her family members. Each time you raise the heart levels of the mayor and Gust, you will get bonus points for Ginger. Players should note that befriending Russo actually doesn't have any effect on Ginger regardless of how their relationship may seem. Most players find that they can level these two characters up while romancing Ginger to help move around the courtship.

Ginger can only go out after the sun sets, and the Roundtable will stop serving meals to couples shortly after In order to get Ginger to the Ginger dating tips in time to earn those sweet date points, you will need to get a mount. Ginger won't run and won't teleport to you if you run ahead to the restaurant in hopes of overcoming her slow walking speed. You must pick her up and run her there with a horse or llama.

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To do this, you will need to build a stable near your house and then rent a horse or capture a llama from the field. While Ginger doesn't have many likes and loves, she does follow suit with the rest of the romance options and love roses. If you level up your social skills, then you can get three points per day by giving her this gift. On festival days roses will earn you five points.

2. you might have ginger babies with them

While this won't get you anywhere fast, it's still great to stock up as it can help give you the extra points you need to date her. Roses are also the easiest item to give Ginger as her other likes, and loves are hard to find or time-consuming to make. Some of the best advice we have for speeding up the marriage process is to ask Ginger to be your girlfriend as soon as she hits four hearts.

This will allow you to unlock the hug option, which can give you three bonus points per day. Being in a relationship can also help unlock some extra quests, which will help you spend less time trying to convince Ginger to finally fall in love with you.

Keep in mind that in order to marry Gingeryou will need to get her up Ginger dating tips eight hearts, which requires you to earn friendship points. If you get a request in the mail from Ginger, make sure to do it quickly.

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By making sure to go through with her quests, you can guarantee they won't time out. You will also want to keep your schedule open as her romance quests happen back to back, and the game has been known to glitch out if there are other events going on, causing the players to miss out on the part of Ginger's story. Many of her quests will revolve around jewelry, so make sure to quarry some rocks around your house to have bloodstone and topaz on standby. Ginger doesn't become any easier, even when you get her hearts all the way up. You will have to meet three different conditions to marry her.

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The first is telling Russo which types of food Ginger likes to eat. The second is a bit harder as you have to rank your workshop up to A level for the mayor to approve. Finally, you will also have to impress Gust, who demands that you have a level three house, which is quite expensive. It's best to work towards these goals alongside dating Ginger as you will need to do every commission and quest you can in a year to reach an A rank. Remember that the wedding will need to happen before reaching year 5. Finally, you can easily lose points from Ginger if you don't go pick her up when you schedule a date.

Ginger won't leave her house early to meet you and walks extremely slow.

In most cases, she will never make it to your meeting place in time, which will cause you to lose around twenty friendship points with her the next day. To make sure you have the date, go to Ginger and wait for the clock to hit the appointed time.

You should then talk to her to start the dateonce again having a mount can help greatly with moving Ginger around quickly.

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