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Author: bareashback.


Her mother was 44 years old and throughout her life, she constantly changed the men that she had like changing the clothes on her back. She met her stepfather one morning when she woke up and found the man in the kitchen drinking coffee.

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Ashley was not a bit surprised seeing different men in her kitchen from she was young and for 18 years, she was used to it. The man was slightly younger than her mum was. Her mother had always-seeking new hot and sexy men in her life; and Blake was no exception. Ashley warned her mother not to fool around with her friends; and she was glad that was the last.

She brought home numerous other younger guys of her age, but they were not her friends.

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Ashley loved her mother, but she had sworn that she would never be like her mum where her life was solely governed by her lust and the innumerable men in her life. Her new young stepfather was in his early thirties and he was undeniably hot. He had rich dark hair, very tall, an ass that women would drool over and a well-toned body. Nevertheless, there was something in his blues eyes, which made her felt so uncomfortable.

His piercing gaze made her felt uneasy. However, Blake was different.

Ashley’s discovery

She felt challenged and threatened by his presence. A week into the marriage, one night Ashley was on her way to the bathroom when she saw Blake fucking her mother in the living room. It was quite dark, but she somewhat see her mother on her hands and knees with Blake ramming his engorged thick cock into her dripping pussy. She whimpered and thrashed as her new sexy husband shoved his cock into her soaked sheath. Her mother was oblivious that she was there; nonetheless, Blake were eyeing Ashley. He somewhat knew that the girl felt the lust too.

Ashley quickly scurried back into her room feeling breathless as her lust had been stirred. The next morning, Ashley was washing her cereal bowl after breakfast. Suddenly, she could hear footsteps of someone coming down the stairs. Blake came into the kitchen and stood behind her without uttering a single word.

She whimpered when she felt his warm hands came from behind her. One hand came under her pajama top, and wrapped itself on one of her tits while another hand slithered into Ashley sex stories panties and rubbed her mound. Do you want me to do the same to you?

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I can ram my thick cock into your pussy too…again… and again …and again until it drips with my cum. His hand in her panties moved lower and found her vulva and he inserted one finger in her depth; rotating his finger in the tight sheath. Your pussy wants me Ashley. She lay on his body letting her stepfather finger her wet pussy and felt the lust building even greater for him.

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His hand kneaded and stroked her tits making her nipples puckered under it. A whore! Ashley out-of-the-blue tore her body away from his hands and left the kitchen.

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He compared her to that slut! She could not take it. All her life, she tried to be the opposite of her, yet this man had compared her to her mother. She felt sick in her stomach.

Ashley's story - sex stories

She tried to close the door behind her when she reached her bedroom, but Blake pushed it opened and Ashley turned around. Blake held out the hand that rubbed and tormented her pussy. She could see his fingers were glistening with the evidence of her lust.

He lifted the fingers towards his mouth. He licked his finger slowly and sucked her juices from them. He then swiftly grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him.

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Her lower body was trapped between his legs and she shuddered as she felt the thick throbbing cock in his jeans. She pushed hard against his lean muscular body and groaned when he twisted her right arm behind her. His eyes were staring at her tits as they were straining against her silk pajama.

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He lowered his head and nipped on her tit. He chuckled when he heard his hot stepdaughter sucked her breath. He took another soft bigger bite on her tit and used his teeth to put pressure on her boob. Her whole body shuddered and she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, he raised his head, listened, and smiled.

She needs my loving…but remember… You are mine Ashley. He kissed her roughly on her sweet mouth and pushed her away. She slumped on her bed as her legs gave way. Her pussy was soaking with the trepidation of her ordeal. She put her left hand into her panties, found her pussy, and winced with the evidence of her lust for Blake. Ashley felt relieved that after the incident in the kitchen, Blake seemed to have lost interest in her.

She felt that she could freely continue her life in her house. No more temptation for her. Yet, she was wrong. One night, she was watching a television show alone. She could hear her mum and Blake were in their bedroom enjoying their sexual orgy. She felt a twinge in her heart. Since nothing was interesting on TV that night, and she eventually dozed on the couch.

Her sleep was disrupted as she felt something was not right.

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When she opened her eyes, Blake was on top of her with his legs on either side of her buttock. She pushed him with her delicate arms and felt futile, as his chest was as solid as a tree trunk. He simply would not budge. He did not even flinch.

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Instead, he used both his hands to grab hers and she was now trapped under his power. His legs were too strong and they braced on either side of her legs making it impossible for Ashley to raise her knees. He gathered her arms in one hand and used his free hand to unbutton her pajama. She was not wearing any bra and her tits were visible to his eyes in a matter of seconds.

Blake opened the front of her pajama top and raked the young body between his legs with his eyes, appraising. Then, her sexy stepfather made his move. First, he lightly licked her neck, nuzzling it, tasting it and nipping on it. His head moved lower to her tits. He used the tip of his tongue to toy with her left nipple.

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It puckered. Sensation was flooding her.

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