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  • My age:
  • I am 25
  • Where am I from:
  • Greek
  • Color of my eyes:
  • I’ve got warm hazel eyes
  • Figure features:
  • My body type is overweight
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Country
  • What is my hobbies:
  • Doing puzzles
  • Body piercings:
  • None
  • Smoker:
  • No


Remarkably, cultural and patriarchal norms continually impact the chauvinistic character of men with regards to their health. Data was obtained via in-depth interviews conducted with male staff of Covenant University. A convenient sample of 8 respondents were purposively and randomly selected from across the various ranks of the population of the study.


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Body dysmorphic disorder BDD is a mental health condition in which a person becomes fixated on a perceived flaw in their body. People with MD perceive themselves as less muscular and smaller than they really are. MD most commonly affects men, especially men who lift weights or compete in bodybuilding. However, research suggests that MD is also prevalent among female bodybuilders.

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There have been relatively few studies on the best way to treat MD, and research is ongoing. Keep reading to find out what science has discovered to date. MD is a mental health condition in which people see their bodies as small and lacking in muscle. People with MD are often considered very muscular by other people, since they routinely engage in muscle-building activities. People with MD often become so preoccupied with their appearance that their lives are centered on building more muscle.

People with MD often also develop an eating disorder, particularly orthorexia. Orthorexia is characterized by an obsession with eating healthy foods. People with orthorexia and those with MD both commonly eat very regimented diets and become fixated on choosing the perfect foods to the point that it disrupts other aspects of their lives.

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Research suggests that MD is much more common among men than among women. Existing studies have presented estimates anywhere from 1 to 54 percent of men. People with MD commonly have higher body mass indexes and more muscle than the average person because they usually engage in muscle-building activities. A study examined the risk of developing MD in competitive and noncompetitive male and female athletes. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined the prevalence of MD in a group of people with an average age of They found that 17 percent of the participants were at risk of having MD and A study examined the prevalence of eating disorders, orthorexia, and MD in three groups of university freshman who were studying dietetics, exercise and sport sciences, or biology.

Understanding and treating muscle dysmorphia

The biology students were the control group. The researchers found that studying dietetics was ificantly associated with eating disorder traits and studying exercise and sport sciences was ificantly associated with MD traits.

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A small study examined a group of 10 female bodybuilders who had ly experienced sexual assault. Two of the women had experienced muscle dysmorphia before the assault.

However, after they had experienced the assault, all 10 had MD and 7 began using steroids. The of this study suggest that MD may have been developed as a coping mechanism for the trauma. Current opinions in the medical community are shaped largely by anecdotes and case reports.

CBT is a type of talk therapy that can be done on your own or in a group.

Research article

CBT targets the psychological factors that may have led to the development of MD. These medications may take up to 12 weeks to become effective. If you have begun using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs as a result of MD, you may also need endocrine treatment to rebalance your hormones.

A case study found that family-based therapy was successful at treating a year-old boy with MD. Doctors and scientists in the medical community are in the early stages of understanding MD and how best to treat it. More extensive studies are needed.

Many people with MD resist treatment. However, recognizing that you have a problem and seeking treatment from a professional can give you the best chance of overcoming MD. MD is a mental health condition in which people perceive themselves as less muscular than they really are. Men are more likely than women to develop MD, and bodybuilders and other people who lift weights are at higher risk than the general population.

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Researchers are still investigating the best treatment options for MD. Body dysmorphic disorder BDD is a mental health disorder. We explain the symptoms and your treatment options for living with this condition.

Top muscle-building moves for men

Researchers say most young men with eating disorders are trying to build muscle, not lose weight. Being able to identify s of compulsive exercise early may help you stop the cycle before it reaches the level of addiction.

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Body checking involves examining or measuring something related to your body, usually your weight, size, or shape. It can become problematic if done…. This is a review of orthorexia and its health effects.

Orthorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that involves a harmful obsession with healthy eating. Online workout programs provide a convenient way to stay active without stepping foot in a gym. See the online fitness platforms our expert handpicked….

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Here's what you need to know. But what exactly does it mean?

Masculinity and men’s health-seeking behaviour in nigerian academia

A growing of fitness organizations aiming to include those typically left out of conventional gym culture have been popping up. The company is working on improving the de of the treadmills to make them safer for consumers…. Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect. Understanding and Treating Muscle Dysmorphia.

We asked women: do you like guys who have ‘dad bods’?

What is muscle dysmorphia? What are the behaviors or symptoms of muscle dysmorphia? How is muscle dysmorphia assessed? How is muscle dysmorphia treated? Read this next. Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. Nearly a Quarter of Men 18—24 Have s of Disordered Eating Researchers say most young men with eating disorders are trying to build muscle, not lose weight.

Medically reviewed by Marney A. White, PhD, MS. Medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M. What Is a Neutral Spine, Anyway? Inclusive Gyms Are on the Rise — We Hear from People Who Belong to Them A growing of fitness organizations aiming to include those typically left out of conventional gym culture have been popping up.

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Youth can be a difficult phase of life, as young people attempt to forge new identities, while facing challenges at school and in their social life.